Westgate Parks Quiz

How much do you know about Westgate Parks?

You can find the answers to these questions on this website – if you look hard enough.

1, What are the names of the four areas that make up Westgate Parks?

2, What type of tree is the one with the fat trunk in Westgate Gardens?

3, What did the Romans build in what is now Westgate Gardens?

4, What are Water Forget-me-not and Purple Loosestrife?

5, Who caught” 16  types of fish in the river at Toddlers Cove?

6, What was the name of the Tannery-owning family which once owned Tower House?

7, What do the old  English words binnan ea mean?

8, What did monks from Christ Church use the Stour for in the Middle Ages?

9, The Heritage Lottery Fund has been asked to help fund improvements in the park. How much has been applied for?

10, Westgate Parks is divided by an underpass. Which road does the bridge carry?

11, What are Pipistrelle and Daubentons?

12, What popular attraction did the Victorian’s open in Toddlers Cove in 1876?

13, What was found when it was being built?

14, When did Westgate Gardens first open to the public?

15, How old are Westgate Towers?

How did you do? Click here for the answers

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