Educational Visits – Health and Safety Information

Visiting staff safety procedures

Please give the Westgate Parks Development Officer a pupil register and list of accompanying adults upon your arrival, highlighting any pupils with behavioural or medical issues.

As the leading staff member, you are responsible for the safety and behaviour of your group at all times.

We advise that you visit the Westgate Parks before your visit and complete a risk assessment for the day. You can arrange a pre-meet with the Westgate Parks Development Officer.

Please click here for The Westgate Parks Clothing List.

Classes must be accompanied by a sufficient number of adults to children.

Taking into consideration the location of water bodies the following ratios of staff to children/young people are recommended: 1:3 Nursery, 1:3 Reception, Years 1 – 6, 1:6. Secondary, including GCSE/A-Level 1:15.

Children/young people must be supervised at all times by their accompanying adults.

Each class should be accompanied by an adult with a good working knowledge of first aid and a well-stocked first aid kit.

The Westgate Parks Development Officer will provide policies and procedures relating to outdoor learning on request.

The Westgate Parks Development Officer reserves the right to cancel a session if she considers the group are not dressed appropriately or the weather conditions are unsuitable.

All activities led by the Westgate Parks Development Officer are covered by Kent County Council’s insurance. The Westgate Parks are owned and managed by Canterbury City Council and are covered by their public liability insurance.


The Westgate Parks Development Officer is a trained first aider and is equipped with the knowledge and materials needed to deal with minor injuries. If further action is needed please contact a local hospital:

Full Accident and Emergency Care – William Harvey Hospital, Kennington Road, Ashford TN24 0LZ

Tel: 01233 633331

Emergency Care Department – Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Ethelbert Road, Canterbury CT1 3NG

Tel: 01227 766877


Keep a safe distance (at least 1 metre) from the edge of all water bodies at all times. If someone falls into the water use the Westgate Parks Development Officers’ throw rope to help them out of the water. DO NOT get into the water yourself.

Canterbury City Council HLF