Canterbury City Council

Working with the community to make a difference

The council is working with the local community to develop a premier park that will act as a green heart and focal point that reflects Canterbury’s rich culture and heritage. It needs to be a fantastic place that is valued, meeting the needs of the community and visitors to the city, with improved facilities and landscape.


The Stour at Westgate

We need to ensure visitors’ needs are met for recreation, to experience nature, heritage and space and we need to involve local people more in its management and development, putting the community at the heart rather than at the periphery.

The parks have rich history and ecological heritage and this story needs to be told to generate local pride in the area and encourage more people to visit the site and to learn about their heritage and local environment.

We are developing an interconnected network of diverse, high quality open spaces which meet the needs of local people and make a significant contribution to raising the quality of life for all residents and visitors to the Canterbury district.

It will help to make the area an attractive place to live and visit and it will support tourism, business and quality of life. We would also like a wider range of visitors to the parkland so it becomes recognised as a major attraction in its own right, and is important to the people who use it.

The council has a team of dedicated officers working to deliver the project. Funding is being obtained from the council’s own capital funds, developer contributions, and the council has now applied for a major Heritage Lottery Fund “Parks for People” programme grant.

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