Toddler’s Cove riverbank works April 2016

On April 11 2016 works will commence to create a wetland wildflower margin along a 200 metre stretch of the Great Stour at Toddler’s Cove from the Rheims Way Underpass to the Toddler’s Cove Bridge. A buffer zone of vegetation will remain to stabilise the bank and maintain a corridor for wildlife whilst the new planting establishes. Many of the common weeds and nettle will be removed from the banks and replaced with wetland wildflowers that have many benefits for wildlife.

The Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership carried out a similar project in the Westgate Gardens. The marginal vegetation is now flourishing and provides important habitat for nesting water birds.

For a plant list of the wetland wildflowers please click here: Toddlers-Cove-Riverbank-Works-Poster-PDF.pdf



Canterbury City Council HLF