Explorer Trail

Explorer Trail

The Westgate Parks Explorer Trail

Pick up one of our Explorer Trails and join Julius the roman soldier on a voyage of discovery through the Westgate Parks. Find out about the history of the area whilst completing lots of fun educational activities including brass rubbings.

The booklet is based around 9 brass rubbing panels – 5 large panels marking out the route of the old Roman town wall through the Westgate Gardens and 4 smaller discs on our interpretation panels throughout the parks. Crayons for the brass rubbings are provided with every pack!

Alongside the brass rubbings, there are quick quiz questions to answer linking to the information on our interpretation boards. There are also several smaller activities such as word searches and I-Spy, to keep children busy whilst they wait for others to complete their brass rubbings or to complete back at home!

A map showing you the location of the brass rubbing panels and the best route to take can be found on page 2 and an introduction to your guide Julius can be found on page 3.
The Explorer Trail costs £2.50 (including a pack of crayons!) and is available to buy from the Westgate Towers museum and The Beaney

The trail is available for schools and groups to use during visits to the Westgate Parks. Please email westgate.parks@kent.gov.uk or contact one of the Westgate Parks Officers on 07921038049 or 07850715596 if you would like to purchase 10 or more booklets.

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